Title of the document Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation Training Workshop | 23rd-27th October, Nairobi,Kenya

Upcoming Workshop

Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation Training Workshop | 23rd-27th October

Financial Management

This course is designed to train on all the fundamentals of financial management.

The course outline Includes:

  • Introduction- Project Conceptual Framework, Sources Of Project Finance, Negotiations And Challenges-Donor Disbursement Procedures-Understanding Donor Requirements
  • Modern Approaches To Donor  Finance Management
  • Financial Performance And Accountability Improving Fiscal Accountability And Integrity Systems To Assure Value For Money(VFM)
  • Costing And Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Preparation And Interpretation Of Financial Statements And Reports
  • Planning For Donor Funds And Budgetary Control Systems
  • Project Financial Information Systems, Reporting And Audits
  • Project Financial Management In The PCM;
  • Accounting Systems, Financial Monitoring And Reporting
  • Financial Project Risk Management;
  • Capital Budgeting, Financial Analysis And Financial Control;
  • Quality Assurance And Compliance Monitoring
  • Budget Formulation, Including Medium Term Frameworks And Programme Performance Budgeting
  • Results Based Budget Formulation & Allocation
  • Budget  Execution, Including Cash Management Systems, Internal Controls And The Need For And Limitations Of Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) In Improving Financial Reporting And Accountability
  • Cash Versus Accrual Accounting
  • Approaches To Improving Budget Policy Accountability-Policy And Budget Monitoring And Evaluation, Including Budget Examination, Public Expenditure Reviews, Public Expenditure Tracking, Impact Evaluations
  • Audit And Evaluation, Including Financial Compliance Auditing, Performance Auditing, Internal Auditing
  • The Design And Implementation Of Donor  Financial Management Reform Programs
  • Learn How To Use The Latest Tools For Financial Modeling, Budgeting And Forecasting.
  • Action planning-What Does All This Mean To My Organization?

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