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The Complete Project Management Course

The complete project management course provides you with portable knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools in order to be more successful in managing or delivering projects and programs.

Comprehensive training in the tools and frameworks to use to strategize project work, proper planning and budgeting delivers quick and valuable results to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Participants will be able to create actionable steps to achieving goals while foreseeing challenges and prioritizing what really matters.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL)

The 8 Week course, blends Live online sessions, Self-paced offline study, Practical, engaging and job-related exercises,

Competency assessment assignments with constant feedback, interactive- expert facilitated Q&A discussion sessions to reinforce learning, knowledge acquisition and boost competency to facilitate change of perspectives, attitudes, and practices. This change will be observed in the workplace.

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We are a premier development training brand in Africa which endeavors to build and enhance the skills development needs of public benefit organizations to produce better, more skilled organization staff, with increased ability to manage projects with greater confidence, effectively monitor projects to improve results and quality

our main courses

proposal development

This course is constituted of an intensive series of training of organization staff in designing and delivering a consistently high level of expertly formulated, and

gender, GBV advocacy

The course provides humanitarian workers the opportunity to know their statutory responsibilities in dealing with exploited staff. The course aims at: Equipping participants with requisite

international NGO resource center

This is a course designed as a toolkit for all that NGO need to learn so as to operate smoothly. The content spans from leadership

resource mobilization

The ORMW is a 5 day high impact, results oriented training workshop focused on providing comprehensive capacity building in all aspects of resource mobilization and

financial management

This course is designed to train on all the fundamentals of financial management. The course outline Includes: Introduction- Project Conceptual Framework, Sources Of Project Finance,

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