Title of the document Organizational Resources Mobilization, Partnerships, Networking and Financing Training Workshop, 28th -31st May 2024, Nairobi, Kenya

Upcoming Workshop

Organizational Resources Mobilization, Partnerships, Networking and Financing Training Workshop, 28th -31st May 2024, Nairobi, Kenya

Organizational Resources Mobilization, Partnerships, Networking and Financing Training Workshop

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We are pleased to announce the following  training workshop,

Workshop Title: Organizational Resources Mobilization, Partnerships, Networking and Financing Training Workshop
Date: 27th -31st May 2024
Venue:  Meridian Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya
Course Fee:USD 595:( workshop fee is USD 495 per participant which covers the following cost items: Ten O’clock tea/snacks, buffet lunches, water, writing materials, four O’clock coffees and certificate).
Registration closes on 17.05.2024

Participants: Executive Directors, Program Coordinators, / managers, Heads of Resource Mobilization, Directors of Partnerships and Networking, Grant Coordinators, UN Agencies, Vice-Chancellors, Heads of Department,

To maximize training outcomes, we recommend organizations to send staff from Program, finance and HR/Admin

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Training Introduction 
The donor landscape is changing, priorities are shifting, and funding opportunities are shrinking. As we witness the mushrooming of local and international NGOs, the competition for limited resources continues to intensify. Organizations that are not able to position themselves well are likely to lose relevance in the short run.

Organizations must impress joint and strategic approaches with radical transformation in the way we think and act. The workshop will illuminate the landscape of development partners, shifting financing priorities, trending headlines, and strategic positioning. Explore organization opportunities to attract domestic. regional, international and private projects and programs.

Consequently, Asset Africa Institute, has organized a comprehensive and detailed  training www.assetafrica.co.ke, is pleased to invite the following people from your organization: executive directors, directors, managers responsible for resource development, partnership &policy managers, program coordinators and planning officers, to the above training workshop. The purpose of this training is to equip your team with skills and capabilities to enable them position your organization at the top of every donors mind. The workshop will realize the following objectives and outputs; 

Specific Objectives

  • To demonstrate a good understanding of financing flows in the organization structure and logically incorporating country, including public, private, national and international sources, to strategically leverage them for sustainable development projects.
  • To sufficiently demonstrate familiarity with frameworks and tools to develop partnerships with the private sector.  
  • To acquire the ability to articulate and implement joint resource mobilization for sustainable development
  • To adequately learn innovations and best practices, behavioral, insights for financing mobilization to provide impactful programming
  • To equip staff responsible for  resource mobilization/fund raising  with requisite tools, skills and approaches to create conditions for successful resource mobilization/ fundraising, to expand  access to diverse sources of donor resources  and overall improvement of long term organization resource sustainability.
  • To build/enhance the confidence and skills of those responsible for resource mobilization/fund raising to design and implement results-oriented and measurable resource mobilization strategies to fund programs.
  • Identify practical strategies for planning and running impactful resource mobilization & fund raising campaigns.
  • Enhanced capacity among staff to provide more effective leadership in the Resource Mobilization function.
  • Demonstrate competences to evaluate and audit RM outcomes

Expected Outputs
By the end of the training, the participants should have developed the following ,

  1. Each organization specific resource mobilization strategy
  2. Each organization will have developed a pitch, key messages and key donor communication tools
  3. Each organization will have an action plan on how to implement the Resource mobilization strategy developed during the workshop
  4. Each organization will walk out with a donor tracking tool and partner analysis tool
  5. Each organization will walk out with model/ product validation tool

Summary Course Content

  • Introduction/Overview Of Resource Challenges Facing Organizations/Institutions
  • Organization Legacy & Organization Strategic Priorities
  • Understanding challenges in how organizations mobilize resources and how staff members, contribute to this process.
  • Creating a practical and solid resource mobilization plan
  • Gaining expertise for effective donor negotiations and proposals
  • Unpacking the complex donor landscape and understanding different funding opportunities, instruments, and modalities
  • Creating quality donor reports as a tool to mobilize additional resources
  • Recognizing donor contributions while balancing results and visibility aspects
  • Unpacking the concept and scope of leveraging resources in the context of NGO’s work
  • frameworks and tools for developing partnerships with the private sector.  
  • Appreciating The Changing Resource Mobilization Environment
  • Understanding Resource Mobilization Systems, The Donor Environment, Donor Characteristics
  • How to assess and understand financing flows at the Domestic level (country) 
  • Unlocking innovative financing for sustainable development and financing
  • Key Observations And Elements In Formulating Convincing Proposals For Resource Mobilization
  • Strategic Models For Sustainable Resource Mobilization
  • Leveraging The Role Of New Media In Resource Mobilization
  • Strategies To Map Out Potential And Critical Supporters And Donors
  • Follow-up and Cementing Relationships in RM
  • Processes to Monitor & Measure the Results/Success of Resource Mobilization Activities
  • Implementing resource mobilization strategy
  • Key messages and key donor communication tools
  • Action Planning-What does all this mean for my organization?

Sample Comments from Past Participants

  • ‘I have learnt so many things especially relating to donor mapping and sourcing for grants. The sessions have very well elaborated,’ Winifred Adoh – Director of Finance – Heartland Alliance, Nigeria 
  • The presentation, teamwork and discussions were my highlights. I’m able to draft broader Resource Mobilization strategies for my organization. The trainers have done a very good job” Tahirou Dounda, Country Director – Search for Common Ground – Mali
  • “The training will be useful for my work and our team is more equipped to employ more  internal Resource Mobilization strategies for my organization. “Geremaiah Ncham, Grant Writer, CBCHS Cameroon
  • ” The training will overall be useful to my work ” NAHIMANA Dieudonne – Communications Officer (UNFPA – Burundi)
  • “Very insightful process. I highly recommend this training to university departments exploring additional resource streams to fund their programs’, Dr. Rindai Fernando, Catholic University of Mozambique

Training Methodology
Dynamic, creative, participant centered, practical, interactive, interesting adult learning methodologies and diverse media are applied to lift the participants to high levels of proficiency. After-training, follow-up and remedial coaching will be offered to interested participants on request for free.

About the Organization
Asset Africa Institute (www.assetafrica.co.ke) -AAI- specializes in the research, design and delivery of high quality and affordable training programs for development workers worldwide. Over the years, AAI has provided consultancies and training to such reputable organizations as; World Resources Institute, Catholic University of Mozambique, National Open University of Nigeria(NOUN),African Centre for Agroecology and Livelihood Systems ( ACALISE)-Uganda, WIOMSA, International University of East Africa (IUEA), Help-ev.de-Zimbabwe, FCA-Kenya, Ministry of Mining-South Sudan, Addis Ababa University-Ethiopia, FHI360-Burundi, Gain-Pakistan, MOI University-Kenya, The Development Fund-Ethiopia/Somalia, eHealth-Nigeria, SolidarMed Zimbabwe, JRS-Thailand, SEND Sierra Leone, CABTAL Cameroon, FH Association Rwanda, Abilis Foundation, Manuel Ungo Foundation-El Salvador, IHRD-Guinea, WWF-Tanzania, NCA-Zambia, Islamic Relief-Somalia, CBM, DON BOSCO-Kenya/Tanzania, Solidaridad Network-Zimbabwe, TOCH-South Sudan, CORDAID-CAR, CHA -Malawi, Long-Term Joint European Union – African Union Research and Innovation Partnership on energy (LEAP-RE),Among tens of others. 

For more information, contact;
Lillian Ateng’
Training Coordinator
Asset Africa Institute
Trust Mansion Hse, Tubman Road off Koinange Street
P.O. Box 12903 – 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: +254 -722 469454/720986965
Email: [email protected]/[email protected]

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