Title of the document Proposal Writing, Grant Management and Professional Report Writing Training Workshop, 25-29 September, Nairobi,Kenya

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Proposal Writing , Grant Management & Professional Report Writing. 25-29 September 2023, Nairobi Kenya

Monitoring Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) – Online Course


Start Date: 29th June 2022 
Training Duration: 8 Weeks 
Cost: USD 250 (Group discounts apply) 
Participants: Executive Directors, Program Managers, MEAL Coordinators, MEAL Managers, MEAL Officers, Policy Specialists, Data Analysts, Finance & Administration Staff, Planning Staff 
Training Objectives:
  •  Improve Project Effectiveness Through Rigorous Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning
  • Apply Existing and Design Program, Evaluation, And Learning Tools- Registers, Reporting Templates, Databases, Case and Success Stories/Stories of Change)-For All Projects
  • Ensure Data Are Collected, Analyzed and Presented for Decision Making and Program Learning
  • Familiarize with The Components of An Effective Monitoring, Evaluation Accountability and Learning Plan
  • Familiarize with Methods and Tools to Conduct Data Collection, Statistical Analysis, and Reporting.
  • Understand the Key Components for Effective MEAL Through Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation in Order to Improve Management Performance and Evidence-Based Decision Making.
  • Adapt Tools to Ensure Accountability Measures and Reporting Are Integrated into Programming
  • Identify Tools and Techniques to Measure and Report Project/Programme Results to Stakeholders, Donors/ Funders, Supervisors, or The General Public.
  • Prepare and Present Reports Which Reflect Change
  • Provide Mentorship for MEAL Staff for Timely Data Collection, Compilation, Analysis, and Reporting 

Course Outline
Week 1-2: Introduction to MEAL

  • Core considerations
  • Importance of M&E in project implementation
  • Main M&E systems, processes, steps and guides
  • Foundations of MEAL: Theory of Change, Result based Management, Logical Framework
  • Theory of Change and its application in M&E, Project Design & Implementation
  • RBM and its components
  • Logical Framework summary
  • M&E Planning
  • Integrating M&E in planning

    Week 4: Performance Management Planning

  • Indicators and tracking
  • Evaluation and TOR
  • Feedback, response and decision making
  • M&E Communication plans
  • An effective M&E Plan

    Week 5: Monitoring

  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection approaches
  • Data sampling approaches
  • Data mapping, analysis, interpretation
  • Tabulation and presentation of data
  • Setting stating, and measuring Indicators,
  • Outcome determination in M&E

    Week 6: Conducting Evaluation

  • Types
  • The project evaluation process
  • Using and Communicating evaluation results

    Week 7: Accountability, Planning and Management.

  • Levels of accountability
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Donor & stakeholders management
  • Strengthening feedback mechanisms
  • Strengthening organization frameworks​

    Week 8: Lessons Learnt in Projects

  • Determination of lessons learned
  • Integration of lessons learned
  • Sharing lessons learned
  • Reporting in MEAL-Target audience
  • Adaptive management
  • Lessons learned data capture
  • Reporting change
  • Closing the Gap
  • Planning on MEAL as an organization
  • The training schedule available upon request

    Delivery Methodology
    The 8 Week course, blends Live online sessions, Self-paced offline study, Practical, engaging, and job-
    related exercises, Competency assessment assignments with constant feedback, interactive- expert facilitated
    Q&A discussion sessions reinforce learning and knowledge acquisition and boost competency to facilitate
    change of perspectives, attitudes, and practices. This change will be observed in the workplace.


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