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Strengthening Organization Systems in Financial Analysis and Reporting

Start Date: 27.07. ‘22
Online on Zoom
Duration 8 Weeks

Cost: USD 295 (Group discounts apply)

Participants: Financial managers, chief accountants, accountants, grant managers, book-keepers,
Program/Project Coordinators, Program/Project Managers

Introduction and need for the course
The finance team have access to a lot of critical organizational and personal data that can easily get into the wrong hands if not well kept, protected and safeguarded. Systems Automation has proved to be effective in Data protection for NGOs and small-scale interventions operating for humanitarian support and also as a quick response to regulatory requirements while still remaining a good practice, especially in midst of rising

It has now become very critical to Monitoring and Managing risk in the financial department for effective financial analysis and being on the lookout for any possible gaps in security while also putting in place processes that should give sensitive information only to those who need it.

Given the critical role that financial statements play, it is imperative that efforts are made to examine ways to improve their quality, and to understand their purpose and limitations in providing a comprehensive view of an entity’s financial position. Timely and meaningful information underpins the effective functioning of any organization. Organizational leadership use financial and non-financial information to manage and direct their operations, External stakeholders use it to make financing decisions, to undertake transactions with organizations with confidence, and to exercise regulatory oversight.

Finance professionals need to understand the challenges facing their industry because only then can they come up with suitable strategies to overcome them. The good news is that many professionals are finding ways to respond to these challenges by continuing to update their knowledge and skills in line with the latest developments in their field.

∙Provide guided and prompt organization financial reporting and analysis systems important for accurate, up-to-date statements which will lead organizations to identify exactly how the allocation of funds is performing enabling to determine strengths, and weaknesses easily and how to act swiftly and accordingly. To effectively and efficiently identify financial trends for accurate past and present actions on which to leverage or rectify to safeguard the wellbeing of the organization. The available data will help you isolate and drill down the possible reasons why this happens at specific times in the year.

The training will guide the participants

  • To access real-time, centralized insights for accurate, informed decisions avoiding any potential obstacles while still maintaining financial fluidity.
  • To provoke participants, to know accurate financial projections & predictive strategies going into the future by appreciating the use of QuickBooks that provides predictive data of specific metrics that will assist in making accurate projections based on past or emerging trends. In addition, predictive strategies can be developed to set realistic future goals.
  • Using QuickBooks to evaluate an organization’s performance and take action to help it grow, innovate, and compete effectively and remain relevant in the eyes of donors, partners and key stakeholders by making strategic and intelligent project decisions. This will better serve all beneficiaries and become a more effective and efficient institution to maximize the highly expected development impact.
  • To help produce financial statements that capture much of the information that organizations prepare, publish, and use.

QuickBooks content course layout

  • Working with QuickBooks Accounts Program Basics.
  • Creating a Chart of Accounts to Suit Company Requirements
  • Creating Account names, Numbers & Bank Payments
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Generating supplier Invoices
  • Stock Control
  • Compiling & Sending Statements
  • Supplier Payments
  • Managing Recurring Entries
  • Generating Reports & Information
  • The Active Set-Up Wizard
  • Entering opening balances, preparing and printing a trial balance
  • Creating customer records
  • Creating supplier records
  • Setting up opening assets, liabilities and capital balances,
  • Posting error corrections, amending records
  • Banking and payments, producing statements, petty cash
  • Audit trails, correcting basic entry errors, reconciling debtors and creditors
  • Preparing journals
  • Processing Trial Balance
  • Creating Backups
  • Prepare and Process Month End Reconciliations
  • Contra Entries
  • Exporting Data including Linking to Other Systems
  • Management Information Reports
  • Making Decisions with Reports Using QuickBooks
  • Prepare and Process Year End Accounts and Archive Data
  • Final Accounts for the organization
  • The Fixed Asset Register and Depreciation
  • Accruals and Prepayments
  • Cash Flow and Forecast Reports

Effective Financial Analysis

  • Orientation to financial analysis.
  • Code of good practices on fiscal transparency
  • NGOs finance management
  • Financial planning, budgeting &forecasting
  • Managing cashflow
  • Financial reporting in projects
  • Measuring financial performance.
  • Internal control systems

Strengthening financial management

  • ∙Understanding organization financials
  • ∙Having clear project plans
  • ∙Setting sustainable financial goals
  • ∙Keeping track of day-to-day costs
  • ∙Updated financial records
  • ∙Meeting deadlines
  • ∙Improving financial leadership and communication
  • ∙Improving spending controls
  • ∙Governance, scrutiny and oversight

Training Methodology
The 8 Week course, blends Live online sessions, Self-paced offline study, Practical, engaging and job-related exercises, Competency assessment assignments with constant feedback, interactive- expert facilitated Q&A discussion sessions to reinforce learning, knowledge acquisition and boost competency to facilitate change of perspectives, attitudes, and practices. This change will be observed in the workplace.

Sample Reviews from Previous Courses

“The facilitation, notes, reviews, and insights have greatly improved my ability in proposal writing. I want to accept that this is an incredible training and I have benefited a lot”
Zablon Ernest
Program Officer, World Vegetable Center, East And Central Africa
“I got many positive comments from this experience- from the practical nature of the training to getting an opportunity to exchange experiences with many colleagues from other countries”
E. Hordoffa
Project Manager, NRC-Ethiopia
"An incredibly excellent forum for managers. Great experience for me and my colleague and we hope to impact our organization on return."
J. Mlamba
Project Manager, Total LandCare, Malawi

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