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Professional Writing, Quality Documentation, and Project Reporting Skills - Certificate Online Course | Start Date: 1st September, 2022 | Cost: USD 200 (Group discounts apply)

Professional Writing, Quality Documentation, and Project Reporting Skills – Certificate Online Course

Start Date: 1st September 2022
Cost: USD 200 (Group discounts apply)

Medium: Online (Zoom)

Participants: Program/Project Coordinators, Program/Project Managers, Project Officers, M & E Staff, Communication and Partnership Managers

Need for the training
One big challenge faced by development professionals is proper project documentation, reporting, and professional writing because they lack the practical approach and theory necessary to avail to their audiences conclusive, meaningful, and appealing reports which are possible through the use of adequate steps, skills, tactics, principles, strategies, and use of appropriate templates and tools.

Project implementors, managers, and field officers will take this opportunity to gain critical skills in writing informative and effective reports which are compelling, persuasive, and easily understood since they will also learn how to plan, organize their objectives, structure, construct, argument, and summarize their content effectively.

AAI aims at improving your project progress report writing skills focusing deeply on quality Preparation, structuring, writing, and presentation.

The sessions are well cut out to give valuable details on how to plan activities, preparation of activity accurate reports at source, composing regular quarterly, bi-annual reports, structuring annual reports and eventually condensing quality end-of-project reports for sharing to various stakeholders and your donors.


  • Most projects have voluminous reports by various teams implementing different outcomes, the course will therefore support you to be able to Write reports with value rather than volume.
  • Demonstrate and accurately Condense lengthy documents into short summaries
  • Serve your audience of stakeholders and donors with varying levels of knowledge, lessons learnt, best practices from continuous changes and impacts being realized from the various projects implemented.
  • In donor and stakeholders demanding environment successfully coming up with Effective and excellent reports quickly, accurately and clearly.
  • Cover wider range of simple techniques to improve written communications skills.
  • Ultimately produce reports that will withstand scrutiny, can be understood by multiple audiences and give your readers confidence hence helping you build your organizational credibility

Course Outline
Week 1: Background to a Professional Project Report
∙Reporting Overview
∙Types Of Project Reports
∙Principles For Effective Report Writing

Week 2: Report Sections
∙Title Or Title Page, Contents, Executive Summary, Introduction
∙Layout: Numbering Sections and Figures, Diagrams, Graphs and Tables, Headings
∙Discussions/Body/Investigation, Summary & Conclusions, Recommendations

Week 3: Data for Reports
∙Setting Project Documentation and Reporting Objectives
∙Proper Data Collection Crucial for Effective Reporting

Week 4: Organization of Report a Report
∙Organizing Ideas in A Logical, Persuasive Way
∙Structuring The Report and Testing Out the Key Messages

Week 5: Apply the Language of Reports
∙Using The Appropriate Style and Tone
∙Calling The Reader to Action

Week 6: Effective Reporting on Project Outcomes
∙Reviewing Proposal Promises
∙Logical Framework/TOC to Ascertain Evidence for Change
∙Getting Data for Progress of Changes
∙Reporting Adequately on The Outcomes
∙Reporting Activities Vs. Reporting on Outcomes

Week 7: Drafting the Report
∙Preparing The Report
∙Investigate The Topic
∙Defining The Purpose, Setting the Objectives
∙Thinking About the Reader
∙Editing And Proof Reading the Report
∙Formatting And Finalizing the Layout of Report

Week 8: How to Present a Professional Project Report
∙How To Talk Through the Report
∙Using Persuasive Language
∙Getting Buy-In to The Ideas You Are Presenting
∙Presenting The Report

Training Methodology
The 8 Week course, blends Live online sessions, Self-paced offline study, Practical, engaging and job-related exercises, Competency assessment assignments with constant feedback, interactive- expert facilitated Q&A discussion sessions to reinforce learning, knowledge acquisition and boost competency to facilitate change of perspectives, attitudes, and practices. This change will be observed in the workplace.

Sample Reviews from Previous Courses

“The facilitation, notes, reviews, and insights have greatly improved my ability in proposal writing. I want to accept that this is an incredible training and I have benefited a lot”
Zablon Ernest
Program Officer, World Vegetable Center, East And Central Africa
“I got many positive comments from this experience- from the practical nature of the training to getting an opportunity to exchange experiences with many colleagues from other countries”
E. Hordoffa
Project Manager, NRC-Ethiopia
"An incredibly excellent forum for managers. Great experience for me and my colleague and we hope to impact our organization on return."
J. Mlamba
Project Manager, Total LandCare, Malawi

Professional Writing, Quality Documentation, and Project Reporting Skills - Certificate Online Course