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Professional Writing, Quality Documentation, and Project Reporting Skills - Certificate Online Course | Start Date: 1st September, 2022 | Cost: USD 200 (Group discounts apply)

Monitoring Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) -Online Course 

Start Date: 12th September 2022
Training Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: USD 250 (Group discounts apply)

Participants: Executive Directors, Program Managers, MEAL Coordinators, MEAL Managers, MEAL Officers, Policy Specialists, Data Analysts, Finance & Administration Staff, Planning Staff

Training Objectives
∙Improve Project Effectiveness Through Rigorous Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning
∙Apply Existing and Design Program, Evaluation, And Learning Tools- Registers, Reporting Templates, Databases, Case and Success Stories/Stories of Change)-For All Projects
∙Ensure Data Are Collected, Analyzed and Presented for Decision Making and Program Learning
∙Familiarize with The Components of An Effective Monitoring, Evaluation Accountability and Learning Plan
∙Familiarize with Methods and Tools to Conduct Data Collection, Statistical Analysis and Reporting.
∙Understand the Key Components for Effective MEAL Through Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation in Order to Improve Management Performance and Evidence Based Decision Making.
∙Adapt Tools to Ensure Accountability Measures and Reporting Are Integrated in Prgramming
∙Identify Tools and Techniques to Measure and Report Project/Programme Results to Stakeholders, Donors/ Funders, Supervisors or The General Public.
∙Prepare and Present Reports Which Reflect Change
∙Provide Mentorship for MEAL Staff for Timely Data Collection, Compilation, Analysis and Reporting

Complete course content and training schedule available on request

Sample comments from past participants
“The trainers demonstrate great expertise on the subject matter. The practical skills acquired in this course really helps improve staff capacity in monitoring projects, enhance results and assure value for money. I highly recommend the course to university departments especially those implementing larger donor funded programs”
Prof. Kirimi Kiriamiti, Moi University- Kenya

“This has been a good opportunity for me to learn and re-confirm the work processes in NHO’s that are in line with the concepts that we’ve learnt. It’s been an open horizon for me to learn new things, improve project implementation. I plan to share this knowledge with other colleagues”
Yosep Y. Alpotrianus, MEAL Manager, JRS-Thailand

“A lot of learning that’s quite practical to the work I’m doing. I’ll utilize the knowledge gained in my work and improve the M&E planning.”
Dansam Ouma, Project Officer, Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction

Sample Reviews from Previous Courses

“The facilitation, notes, reviews, and insights have greatly improved my ability in proposal writing. I want to accept that this is an incredible training and I have benefited a lot”
Zablon Ernest
Program Officer, World Vegetable Center, East And Central Africa
“I got many positive comments from this experience- from the practical nature of the training to getting an opportunity to exchange experiences with many colleagues from other countries”
E. Hordoffa
Project Manager, NRC-Ethiopia
"An incredibly excellent forum for managers. Great experience for me and my colleague and we hope to impact our organization on return."
J. Mlamba
Project Manager, Total LandCare, Malawi

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