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Education Background


We Are Eager To Give You The Best Skill Development Training.

Asset Africa Institute (AAI) was formed by a group of highly educated and experienced development practitioners in Kenya in 2006 to respond to the training needs of development organizations in developing countries. The organization arose out of the realization that majority of workers in the NGOs and development organizations do not have requisite skills to either manage or found life changing ventures in the context of a fast evolving development sector where first class skills in Strategic Planning & Management , Proposal Writing, Fund Raising, Grant Management, M&E ,Procurement & Supply Chain Management among others all are key requirements in running a successful development organizations sustainably AAI aims at catalyzing the development of communities and consequent improvement of livelihoods through the continuous upgrading of the competences of development workers through research, design and delivery of relevant, affordable, needs driven and client centered individual and organizational development training programmes.

To integrate Development theory and Practice in the design and delivery of individual and organizational development training packages of the highest quality.

A mass of well trained, informed and skilled workforce working in communities to bring long lasting, environmentally friendly and sustainable change among communities throughout the world.

Core Values
As a registered and developed training institute, the following are our core values that guide and govern us

Asset Africa Institute is an indigenous registered, non political, non religious, non racial, non sectarian Training institute & Development.

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